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The Accidental Teacher, Mom, Runner: I HEART Anchor Charts!

inference anchor chart - would readjust a bit for the little guys, but like how it makes them aware of the many ways they use this skill. Harvey uses something similar in Strategies that Work.

Post-it Coding .. Love this! What a cool idea to use some text abbreviations for reading.

I like this chart with ways to get the students thinking throughout their reading and getting them to refer to the text. Teach reading comprehension with Post-it Notes: love this anchor chart would add check mark for something they agree with

schema anchor chart - I have a poster that I made VERY similar to this one!   Great lesson to teach kids how to know what is schema, what we use our schema for, and how to get more schema!

Schema Anchor Chart: Schema, our mental filing cabinet, is a key element of my theory! Schema can help readers use semantic cues.

Teaching My Friends!: Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Fiction/Nonfiction anchor chart - I like how the students add sticky notes. sticky notes could be an important part of making anchor charts with the kids.