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I just crouch into a smaller ball when someone pokes me! But Levi is so freaking CUUUTE!

Newly Issued Cloaks by kyuura-jii on DeviantArt

Captain Levi's reaction is priceless. <<< and Hanji is a pure treasure as always ^_^


SnK/AOT p: this is pretty funny, like "the walls are watching". i dont ship it tho Levi

Eren and Levi's mums. OH MY WORD THE FEELS!!!!!!!! I swear i started crying when i saw this

7 Popular Anime Series that EVERYONE is Watching. Are You?

Eren and Levis mom's. Imagine Levi and Eren's moms shipping them!

Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin || anime

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Ereri, Levis, Comic

Gorgeous manga drawing! The first manga style that has made me want to give this style a try :)

I'm an addict for colors~ On my free time I paint, and this caught my eye! Great job to the artist! Love their work! ^///^ (Again, credit to them!