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Samhain - A poem I wrote for our 2006 Samhain ritual. The photo was taken in Greenmount Cemetery in York, PA where some of my ancestors are buried.

The origin of Halloween is found in Celtic Ireland

Discover the real origin of Halloween and find out how our ancestors' beliefs are echoed in the way we celebrate today.

The Goddess and the Green Man | Samhain/Halloween- Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Traditions, Celebrations, Crafts and Recipes for Samhain/ Halloween from The Goddess and the Green Man.

Slavic Neo-Paganism today / Rebirth of Slavic spirituality

Samhain Folklore, Superstitions and Legends

Samhain Folklore, Superstition and Legends

There are a number of legends and bits of folklore associated with Samhain. Let's look at some of the superstitions surrounding Samhain and Halloween.


"Samhain" is a Gaelic word meaning "Summer's end". It is pronounced "Sow-in" in Ireland, "Sow-een" in Wales, and "Sav-en" in Scotland .

After all, we are nearing Samhain, a pagan holiday that celebrates and reveres the dead. But perhaps the veil between the living and the dead is truly thinning. That's the lore of Samhain - on the night of the 31st, the one thing that shrouds us from the spirits passed weakens. That's why we set out plates of food for family members. That's why we place photos of them on our altars and why he hail them in ritual.

The veil is thin, honour your ancestors. We celebrate Samhain, a pagan holiday…

Pre-Samhain Shadow Work – TuiTarot

Pre-Samhain Shadow Work

Pre-Samhain Shadow Work – TuiTarot