Book cover design by Peter Mendelsund | Take his book cover design class on Skillshare:

Info board Leaving the Sea Stories by Ben Marcus Designed by Peter Mendelsund via Jacket Mechanical

Book cover design on Behance

This treatment can be replicated for a yearbook cover in photoshop. Book cover design on Behance _for my future book(s)_

Helen Yentus

Vintage Books, Drawings courtesy of the author, Art Director: John Gall, Design by Helen Yentus

bookcoverdesign: “ selected covers from the Great Food series design: Coralie Bickford-Smith lettering: Stephen Raw ”

Simply lovely books that would be appealing to touch for even the smallest of hands.

I have a thing for book series that match. When I find a matching series, these books are always given the prominent position on my bookshelf. So I do love these simple yet clever book dover designs.

Puffin Chalk series illustrations by Dana Tanamachi; art direction by Deborah Kaplan and Kristin Logsdon (Penguin / 2013)

Puffin Chalk book covers by TANAMACHI STUDIO colour use in the black background make a bright book cover cover book

Le Complex d’Eden Bellweather by Benjamin Wood; design by David Pearson (Éditions Zulma / 2014) via @danwagstaff

Series Book Covers 2014