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I didn't choose the fandom life the fandom life grabbed my hand and whispered run - Doctor Who

Sometimes happens...There's a difference between a fan and a hardcore fangirl :)

There's a difference between a fan and a hardcore fangirl and a fangirl in a world leave me alone mood. My friends often catch me to fangirl when i am trying to sleep or cant be bothered with anything.

Me: Why is this book over? Me: What am I supposed to read now? *Glances at pile of unread books.

Omg I literally do both based on my mood

I usually never do this because I'm really bad at describing things so I usually just do the second thing

I'm actually really thinking about doing this when I'm 15 or 16 cause I feel like together we can just like Idk I'm just really fond of this idea

oh my gosh! k-pop summer camp would be amazing!

I have never been big on "fandoms" or anything like that, I like shows and I watch them... but SPN is like a whole different story, and I actually love it. <3

Thanks guys!>> yeah I love all of you every single person in my family thinks I'm crazy but you guys understand thank you

Get Free Targeted Lead - The struggle is potent in this one. >> Find out more at the picture link


It's true (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who -- Yeah, pretty much every fandom)

Every fandom.

The Fangirl Oath. Pledge allegiance to your fandoms. It's the fangirl version of the pledge to Artemis! :D<<I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis, I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maiden-hood, and join the hunt

so this weekend, I was in the car and WMYB came on todays feel good music hits, and I just couldn't take it, I started screaming and cranking the volume, and when harry started singing I was in tears, I'm pretty sure I gave my grandma a heart attack. haha

Lol not even the for phone. << i think school knowledge should also be down a little bit too. So, it should be phone numbers, names school knowledge fangirl stuff


Nope not fictional I don't read books but I'm trying to but if i described my crush in one word it would be GORGEOUS =P