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21 Tumblr Posts You’ll Only Find Funny If You Ship Draco And Harry>>I don't even ship drarry, but this made me laugh.

21 Tumblr Posts About The Only "Harry Potter" Power Couple That Matters

I'd pay tickets to see that happen

Snape Teaching Luna Lovegood Potions ^^that's the one I meant a few pins ago

22 Times Tumblr's 'Harry Potter' Theories Blew Our Minds:

22 Times Tumblr's 'Harry Potter' Theories Blew Our Minds

Rowling is a name Genius! She had name themes for all the large families and they all had meaning for the characters. I love stories like that<<<< whoa history.

@Alex Wardlaw

I think I will name my kids with Harry Potter names. My kids WILL have Harry Potter names

Books! I've got them stacked on the shelf just waiting for my girls to be old enough :)

One day my future children Hermione and Perseus will have this moment :) that being said, they will also have watched the movies and read the books since childhood. And the books most certainly will NOT be in the basement

in a heartbeat!

the truth in this post.wifi vs Hogwarts<------I choose Hogwarts

Everything can be Harry Potter related

*slow claps* << more like dark haired boys with light eyes struggle to survive in general am I right

Why?•••aye m8s the closest you can get is goin on pottermore bros

They left out "there's no need to call me 'sir' professor" in the movie There isn't a Marauders tv show Harry wasn't nearly as sarcastic in the movies as he was in the books "Calmly" Book Ginny is 10000000 times better than movie Ginny

Little League Quidditch

headcannon accepted: little league quidditch. It was started by mugglebowns with fond memories of both T-ball and quidditch at Hogwarts.

I will always love the aggressive little spoon

I will always love the aggressive little spoon