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Imagine controlling gun owners like we control drivers. But that's too logical!

Imagine controlling gun owners like we control drivers. But that's too logical! — and then we had someone drive a rented truck through a crowd of people!

this is fucked up and sadly true

This is the perspective a 10 year old Black child, especial male, has to have concerning the brutality police traumatized him with.

*waits for the "but this is an extreme example/isolated incident" reactions* How many more victims do there need to be before this becomes a problem to ignorant people?

- ̗̀ @artsyautumn ̖́-

- ̗̀ @artsyautumn ̖́-

Being drunk excuses everything men do and being a drunk woman excuses everything done to them.

Ill just leave this here

Maybe the men making these laws are afraid there'll be competition and the transwomen will have an advantage.

feminism: everyone needs it. (Also: I know the comment poster! She's amazing!)

"Saying feminism is unnecessary because you don't feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn't or fire [.] when your house actually is on fire.

stupid idiots against same sex marriage just let people love each other jeez

damn you asshole minnesotan. are we allowed to deport people for being stupid

Actually, we couldn’t buy IV supplies if we tried, because that shit was made in Puerto Rico, and it’s almost gone. Try not to get sick, or hurt.

Or every time they try to talk to about their thing, they’re judged. So just give the kiddo the time to chat about their interests even you don’t really like those interests.<<<<I'm this quiet kid. =') someone finally said it.

Turnabout _would_ be illuminating, wouldn't it? I'd do it after they said something silly like "I'm a meninist"

Those answers that men give are exactly the same in abusers and narcissist. Men gashlight, proyect, ridicule and made women mad. All for the great strategy of opression and abuse.

The War of Southern Aggression: the original "economic anxiety".

The Confederates weren't Americans. Flying the flag is anti-American and treasonous.