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This literally explains my life :) I'm hyperventilating from laughing so hard my family are all looking at me lie wtf

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suave,was anyone else at the 1994 winter olympics? thestewart: i have the sex appeal of a math book idk man, We never met anyone that opened a math book math book please fuck me hard over the table

I would just e-mail myself to find out

I would read this book. I would pay money for this book. You have a customer, right here. Write this book so you can take my money. <<< ok me too you has a 2 customer right here pls write book thanks

Dad jokes for Days. itu_ _ skifree: ring: I stubbed my toe and naturally I screamed "rnc) " and then my dad poked his head out of the and said "you rang?

I love how so few people know that "fishingboatproceeds" is actually John green.

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Oh gosh, story time: I read "inconvenient fire drill" and immediately thought of how my university has this habit of springing fire drills on us at 5 am every semester. I'm definitely using "campus-wide 5 am fire drill" as an insult from now on.

The Tie Dealer

I have a tie dealer at my school. This guy has got to be awesome! <-- I bet this kid is the younger version of the doctor<<< I want a tie dealer at my school!

Oh-kay then... A good example of how anything can be a dangerous weapon, and how Tumblr has many people I never want to fight.


That would be pretty sweet (provided the knife had been used on a birthday cake before)