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Paper Art By Simon Schubert

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Simon Schubert / paper sculpture

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Έργα τέχνης από τσαλακωμένο φύλλο χαρτιού | Otherside.gr (9)

Simon Schubert‘s haunting paper buildings are produced only by folding the paper – millimeter-scale differences catch and reflect light, creating the illusion of subtle line drawings via implied outlines.

Simon Schubert - pencil-less drawing, rendered completely by folds in the paper.

Simon Schubert, a talented German artist, uses paper creases and folds to create incredible works of art.

German artist Simon Schubert did something really unique with paper. He didn´t draw on it in any way, but creased shapes in it. This surprisingly gives enough depth to create architectural drawings. Schubert ´draws´ both imaginary and existing spaces.

Cool images created by simply folding a single sheet of paper. Great idea – this folded paper architectural works from the german artist are unusual