Shadows, 1887 by Charles Courtney Curran (1861 1942). The most beautiful painting I've ever seen on the subject of laundry! The title says it all.

The Athenaeum -Shadow Decoration Charles Courtney Curran - 1887 Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center (United States) Painting - oil on canvas Height: cm in.

Il est temps: Résultats de la recherche pour la lessive

Even in the age of the internet, washing hanging to dry is the most constant sight wherever you go in the world, especially in poor areas. Elin Kleopatra Danielson-Gambogi (Finnish painter, In the Sun 1900

"Spring Wash Day" by Trisha Romance

"Spring Wash Day" by Trisha Romance, American born Canadian Painter & Illustrator .

Wash Day - A Back Yard Reminiscence of Brooklyn  Ada Walter Shulz

The Athenaeum - Wash Day - A Back Yard Reminiscence of Brooklyn (Ada Walter Shulz - )

Désiré-FrançoisLaugée1883 (Le- machine-to-the-farm) Collect ° Particular

Painting by Désiré François Laugée. Clotheslines are so charmingly old fashioned. Sunlight kills germs and whitens white fabric. And there is nothing like the smell of laundry fresh from the clothes line.

By Gregory Frank Harris

Gregory Frank Harris Wildflowers On The River’s Edge ■♤♡♢♧☆■

.Oh the smell of sheets after they hang in the sun to dry.

Fresh Linens by HEIDE PRESSE ARTIST. A breezy day for hanging laundry. Love their pretty dresses and the sunflowers.