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Principe de la Maracana FC, Paso Fino stallion, by Cheri Prill. What an amazingly beautiful creature

Appaloosa. (Wow! Looks like some delectable chocolate ice-cream! :)

Knabstrupper Heartbreaker in action. Gorgeous horse, but does anyone else see the puppy face on his haunch?

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Updated picture of Estrella. She is a wild buckskin mustang. She has one foal, Courage.  Hope is also like a daughter to her. She is a LEAD MARE. She has never let a man break her. She is together with Roary. Stallions everywhere dream of catching this young beauty. She is the promise of hope the the herd.

This is Estrella. The leader of the Wild Mountain Herd. She is smart, Beautiful, Strong and a fierce competitor. She is Mates with Roary. She is a natural born leader.

Chris ledoux has always been one of my favorites since i was little:) This song always helps me Get through rough times!

Sit tall in the saddle hold your head up high keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets in the sky and live like you ain't afraid to die dont be scared just enjoy the ride - Chris Ledoux.

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Egypt Horse

An escape from the world Exercise in fresh air Adrenaline rushes Healing through the bond And goosebumps from perfect harmony

"I've often said there's nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse" ~ Ronald Reagan.

Horse - Gavilan xxx , a beautiful Andalusian PRE stallion with an incredible beautiful trot