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Steve Buscemi by Christian Weber as the character Enoch Thompson from "Boardwalk Empire." steve was a scream in FARGO,one of my favorite movies of all time.

Al Pacino. Let the continue to disrespect me.  See if I care.  But you all will when I get through with you all.

Al Pacino will always be one of my favorite actors. Loved his early work like The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon among many others

Russell Crowe, looks good but he is a Pit Bull and will knock your a** out for looking at him wrong.

Les Mis Australian actor Russell Crowe plays Inspector Javert in the Tom Hooper directed big screen adaptation of the acclaimed musical Les Misérables.

The wonderful, wonderful, beloved John Candy. We miss him! (And so does the CFL)

John was always a favorite actor of mine :) John Franklin Candy October 1950 Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Died March 1994 (age

I hope the man I marry is somewhat like Robin Williams. In that he can make me laugh, isn't concerned with what other people think, has a warm, tenderhearted side, yet still a wild, unhindered sense of insane adventure. I just want a man with his diversity. -Kait.

I would just like to say rest in peace robin Williams he was a funny man and a great actor.

Robert Redford

Robert Redford

Mr. Stanley Tucci

Headshot of the actor Stanley Tucci, a frequent film industry guest at the Sarasota Film Festival.

old school hubba hubba

old school hubba hubba- mmm- one of my all time favorite- Robert Redford- yum

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an American actor and filmmaker. Cruise has been nominated for three Academy Awards and has won three Golden Globe Awards. He started his career at age 19 in the 1981 film Endless Love.

Danny Kaye

Danny Kaye

This is talent kids-song and dance man, Danny Kaye Publicity Shot for the Kid from Brooklyn, Samuel Goldwyn Productions, 1946 Premium Poster