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oh gosh. yes!!!! I usually go with "crabby mcnasty" but this is way better =)
ok, where were these binkies when I had babies?
I don't have a husband, but this quote is too fucking weird not to share...what do you mean when you say you "open" your husband every day?!

Wife After God Marriage Devotional For Wives

I love both these people. They both are human and subject to error. Nobody is perfect. I would like to meet both of them on day. Inspired by both.

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Thats me, but not with everyone, just the certain people who think your weird BECAUSE your quite and shy.
27 bilder på hundar tagna i precis rätt ögonblick. Vid nr 4 bröt jag ihop av skratt!
true stuff. 2 weeks ago i had a "brain tumor"