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How to make corsets with interfacing.

how I sew corsets

You'll find many projects in which corset structure comes into play if you sew formal wear long enough. How to make corsets with interfacing. - I need to learn to be a better sewer

Ref S antique corset pattern

Ivory Corset overbust hourglass victorian pattern by ~AtelierSylpheCorsets on deviantART - many corsets and patterns for sale

High overbust transparent corset

High overbust transparent corset

draping - I REALLY want a corset that has the hips like that!

Corset Making Classes Oxford School of Corsetry - At first glance, I thought this was a hood. would love a pieced, shaped hood like this

The art of making patterns - comprehensive

amazing pattern drafting site for stretch fabrics, etc; not sewing 101 but great info all over the place. This piece in particular is a WOW, wet-suit engineering taken to the next level by reducing pockets of air and making more close fitting

Resultado de imagen para corsets con cuellos solapados

Last night I started constructing a new pattern for a really sturdy tight lacing corset to start corset training with again. As some of you already know I stopped some time ago now and have been meaning to start again.

Had to make a tutorial for the girl who is making our cloaks for Captivenia, and thought I'd share it with all of you! The measurements are pretty basic, so you may adjust them to match the size of...

For reference, this is pretty much exactly how I do all my corsets :) Corset Tutorial. by ~PestilentialCreature on deviantART

Recycled Denim Corset: How To Tutorial. These Instructions Will Come In Handy If I Make A Corset Of Regular Material Also!

Recycled Denim Corset

DIY Crafts with Old Denim Jeans - Recycled Denim Corset - Cool Projects and Fashion You Can Make With Old Jeans - Fun Crafts for Teens and Adults, Inexpensive Ones!

Beginner's guide to making corsets. One of these days, I WILL make a corset! (another corset tut for Rose or Pearl)

Beginner's guide to making corsets... One of these days, I WILL make a corset!