I present to you..."Indian Summer".

Dream Catcher:- This is about the traditional Native American object. In Ojibwa (Chippewa) culture, a dreamcatcher (or dream catcher;

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Dream catchers mean different things to everybody, to me, they mean safety. They keep the bad stuff away so that you can live your life

THIS is perfection. I'm hoping to take a picture like this soon but it'll be nothing in comparison!

Sungazing is a meditative practice that involves staring directly at the Sun for short periods of time during sunrise or sunset. Some practitioners ascribe a range of health and spiritual benefits from the practice, though it is controversial

dream catcher

E quando eu pensava que meu teto estava desabando, percebi que era Deus reconstruindo toda a minha estrutura.

Dream catcher

Wolves aHeart Shaped Dream Catcher With Moon Heart Shaped Dream Catcher With Moon.,art, catcher, crescent, Tattoos Voici une illustration & reproduire au Zendoodle: un joli capteur de r&


Usually when we dream we don’t have any control over what pops into our heads, but dream catchers can help keep bad dreams away. It’s an ancient tradition that might help you sleep sounder and focus your good thoughts into good dreams.

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