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MWAHAHA I have read it, so I know the answer. But I will not say since some of you don't even have the book yet! Sorry guys :( I feel your pain.

It was an amazing book. <--- I hope Leo sees Calypso again!

lol that should be like actually  in the end of all of the copies of that book (minus the second sticky considering it's written by a boy but u know)

What I did to a Percy Jackson library book on Tweeddale request (apart from the Percy is mine bit ;) ) whoever gets this book is in for a treat!

A pleasant surprise...

A pleasant surprise… I KNOW WHAT book this is from! Love Jenny Lawson the mostest!


The blood of Olympus predictions

It doesn't seem rational even in Percy's perspective <<<<< no, but it seems even crazier in someone else's point of view

It doesn't seem rational even in Percy's perspective. But I kinda like the face that he gets ti agree to completely irrational things.

This will forever be my favorite person in this fandom. I don't even know who they are, but they are my favorite.

percy jackson on

This will forever be my favorite person in this fandom. Accept he could use nicer language

It all makes sense. He said that TWO demigods were going to die. That's exactly what Gaea needs. She needs the blood of two demigods (the blood of Olympus) to rise. Two demigods- maybe Percy and Annabeth- will be sacrificed. And the Olympians will be destroyed. <<<< If that were true it would be the end of the world and we would be dead. Especially since we are demigods

This fandom worries me

pjato cabin 3 crafts - Google Search

Meanwhile in the Demeter cabin, everyone's being taken over by shrubbery.

yes, that was beautiful. I love when Percy and Annabeth have all these little inside jokes from Percy Jackson and the Olympians and only the true fans really get them. :D but what's sad is Annabeth doesn't even truly understand because they were on their way to save her so she wasn't there it was Grover Thalia Bianca Percy and Zoe

Percy made a fandom joke in a fandom

Haha! Repinning this because I <3 Percy Jackson and the person who asked the questions's user name. :)

tag:Ask the Demigods Questions

More like they make the movies.                  :(

No wonder you make the movies suck so much, I still hate it

So I've been saying it right! It's how it's spelled then. With the "th"

I freaking knew it! Ever since the SOM movie I thought I was pronouncing Thalia's name wrong!

Haha they'll set his house on fire. Leo and fire...holy.. No. What if Leo somehow dies by fire... He's fireproof but maybe that person just gave rick an idea...

this person represents Team Leo right now haha

Nico Di Angelo: BUY ALL THE HAPPY MEALS! (that's it! someone make a meme with Nico and McDonalds, now! Please!)

Oh Nico por attendant


Lol surry us Poseidon kids just can't help it sometimes.

Please repin...sorry I didn't word that correctly, REPIN NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

That would be cool :D and then the last two books would be him and the Roman camp destroying Kronos's throne!