This crocodile just wants it all to STOP. | 44 Medieval Beasts That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now

This crocodile just wants it all to STOP.

Dragon-Beast. Ger. 9 cent. Valencienne. ms 0099 by tony harrison, via Flickr

Bible, first quarter of the century.Et stetit super arena maris et vidi de mare bestiam ascendentem habentem capita septem et cornua decim | Jonah emerges from the whale (Ketos) - Carolingian miniature folio-147v | Ernest T. DeWald (1930): “The largest assemblage of pictures to have come down to us from the Carolingian period.”   The Stuttgart Psalter, an illuminated Carolingian manuscript Place of origin: Saint-Germain-des-Prés Date of manuscript : around 830 CE Signature : Cod. bibl. 23 Present location: Stuttgart, Württembergische Landes-Bibliothek

Jonah emerges from the whale (Ketos). Before many folks knew what a whale looked like, presumably.

Whale, English Bestiary (Harley 4751), author unknown, 13th century, housed at the British Library.

Miniature of a whale and a sailing boat, from a Bestiary, with extracts from Giraldus Cambrensis, England (Second quarter of the c.