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"Emotions are inside of us, so we can't actually run away from them. All we can do, therefore, is attempt to stuff them down or numb ourselves to their affects. In doing so we'll use anything at our disposal - alcohol, cigarettes, porn, gambling, TV, the Internet, shopping, Chunky Monkey. Emotional suppression is a trillion dollar industry with countless tentacles reaching deep into every corner of our culture."- Raphael Cushnir.

by Marine Gaillard

Go, Grandma!

When Eccentricity Reigned: Portraits From a Vanishing New York

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo

souvenirs souvenirs..

Tub filled with water from the hose early in the morning, heated by the sun, fun playtime in the afternoon! Each neighborhood kid had their own tub.

A mongolian hunter on a riding horse armed with a Golden Eagle., from Iryna

Funny pictures about This guy is a certified badass. Oh, and cool pics about This guy is a certified badass. Also, This guy is a certified badass photos.

Ces enfants vivent sans écran ni tablette. Les belles photos de Niki Boon.

En 2016, quand des enfants vivent sans télé ni tablette ça donne ça ! 25 photos exceptionnelles.

She clearly demonstrates that her children live VERY well without technology!

The girl with the wooden doll (Cuba), by Alberto Korda, "La niña con la muñeca de palo"

Alberto Korda - La Nina de la Muneca de Palo (Girl with a Wooden Doll) La Havana, Cuba, Infor from original pin below Little girl in Cuba taken in 1955 by the famous Cuban photographer Korda. The piece of wood is her "doll".