Wally & his Ralts

Pokémon - Mitsuru, 280 Ralts and 475 Gallade art by Saitou Naoki (Sankaku Channel)


) acerola (pokemon) armlet blush collarbone dhelmise dress elite four female protagonist (pokemon sm) flipped hair floating full body hair ornament half updo kingin kuchinashi (pokemon) mimikyu nintendo npc npc trainer one eye closed open mouth p

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Rules of the Internet by Mgx0 on DeviantArt

Rules of the Internet by on DeviantArt<<<funny but now I want to ship gardevoir and swampert

Pokemons Raros...

Pokemon sleeve commission If you'd like to commission me, feel free to send me a note ^^ You can find info on my commission prices here-&nbs.

Team Aqua is amazing. Pretty much why I'm getting sapphire. XD

Team Aqua is the Best!

Eevee with jolteon, flareon, and vaporeon

Eevee with jolteon, flareon, and vaporeon


Flint and his Infernape ^.^ ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this