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I would read this so much. Gimme. Tumblr, text post, funny, book, soulmate, John Green

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Oh John Green <-- XD This is a really interesting idea though. Then again, doesn't the voice in your head sound like yourself? That is, if the voice you're referring to is that that you hear when reading to yourself.

tumblr gets deep | Pleated-Jeans.com

I am now questioning my entire existence. ~ This would be a cool story idea. ~ someone definitely needs to write a book or some fanfiction or SOMETHING with this idea

All the Fandoms know john green. All of them. Because the world is just like a giant fandom for john green.

All the Fandoms know john green. Because the world is just like a giant fandom for john green. (fishingboatproceeds is John Green's user name)

fantastic foursome plus john green!

Omg Dan Phil PJ and John Green are in the same post. This post wins the internet.

I love this post. Sorry about the language

What if God was one of us…

People automatically assume that if you're not pro-life, you're pro-abortion. I am pro-choice, that does not make me pro-abortion. Although I would personally never have an abortion, I believe a woman should have the right to choose.

Always. Crying.

Where to find nerd girls . ahahhah this explains my life sooo much, like, come on guys! "often wearing fandom shirts" HAHAHAHHA yes. Come to the book stores and find the good nerd girls. We'll be waiting, boys -lol

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The 90s

Funny comments, but I seriously watched this movie every night when I was 17 and Religiously. I loved it! I was too old to be watching Disney Channel movies, but that didn't stop me!

fishingboatsproceeds is John Green's tumblr name. This is fantastic.

John Green being cast as Hazel in the Fault in Our Stars movie "I am ready. I am willing"XD