Jag vill virka "korgen" till krukan tillhöger!!  Purple Area: Trädgård

This herb bench is beautifully placed outside a window, allowing you to see it's loveliness and progress every time you pass by.

GERANIUMS ~ Place upside down in cardboard box or paper bag... cover with newspaper and store in garage, inside wall. Do not let plants freeze. Leave them in box until Spring when you replant them in fresh new soil. Plant will start growing new leaves within a week. Do not cut any stems away for at least 6 weeks, plant will double in size. ♥

GERANIUMS: Place upside down in cardboard box or paper bag, cover with newspaper, store in garage til spring. Replant in new soil. Will grow new leaves in a wk. Don't cut stems away for at least 6 wks.

Trädgårdsflow: Mitt vinterparadis

Dream on! Like my craft room would ever be this clean!there is glitter everywhere, along with handprints and paintcovered finger smudges!

Luxaflex zonnescherm, knikarm of terrasscherm. Hoe je het ook noemt... mooi en ook nog fijn om onder te zitten.

Make the most of your patio with a beautiful folding awning. You can get off all motorised awnings for a limited time.