Vintage sketch for a Balmain gown, from the Bergdorf Goodman archives.

Balmain evening gown illustration, Okay so I've been watching so much YOU that I saw the swept back light hair and thought it was Viktor without really looking. Wedding dress vitya art it is.

Illustration by Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams Illustrations - Hayden Williams is one of the most talented people I have come-across online. His passion for sketching started at an early age. Now, Hayden Williams, is a fashion.

René Gruau (February 4, 1909 - March 31, 2004)

René Gruau was an italian illustrator that collaborated with Dior, Givenchy, Lanvin, and several important magazines, that revolutionized not only the fashion industry but also the art world with his extremely elegant and pure work.


Fell in love with this Christian Dior dress from Autumn/Winter couture collection and had to put it on my favorite girl to get it.

Chanell Skizzen

sketch by Karl Lagerfeld - merci monsieur - for you are the most sublime fashion sketch designer and sketch artist now and never taken for granted - merci beaucoups.

"Una de las virtudes de nosotras las mujeres es que siempre lucimos elegantes y…

Love how the dress was done. TG I love it because woman main body with colour dark purple dress like posh woman in house party .