Cuba's Lush Green Urban Decay. The landscape of Michael Eastman's photographs is lush, organic and green, but the subject matter is the rotting interior of buildings. The botanical elements of a traditional still-life are replaced by the wild overgrowth of patinaed and tattered walls teetering on the edge of a by-gone era.

Cuba's Lush Green Urban Decay

Colours of Cuba by Michael Eastman. Cuba + the capital Havana are full of graceful crumbling architecture colours.

rusted loft.  that someone was smart enough to just leave this place, not "fix it" and make it all shiny, id like to meet this person.  wonderful

Love the window! - Upper floor loft of an old building, now converted into a living/dining space with original solid wood plank floors.

~linen & lavender: Design Daily - art and rustic elegance

Acquired Objects: A quiet moment.Decorating with Religious Artwork. This so old world beautiful work

Michael Eastman “Prächtige Armut von Cuba” | | Online Magazin für zeitgenössische Fotografie

houkgallery: Michael Eastman (American, b. Portrait, Havana, 2010 ©Michael Eastman/Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery

Werner Pawlok's Cuba is curiously melancholy. Though his interiors pop with primary colours, golden sunlight and the scuffmarks of generations, they're all infused with gentle sadness.   Life in Cuba is changing: as the country's relationship with the United States begins to normali

Photographing the disappearing homes of Castro’s Cuba ~ House of Chino I © Werner Pawlok

Havana - 1999-2002 - Michael Eastman

As belas imagens do fotógrafo Michael Eastman que, entre 1999 e registrou o luxo decadente da antiga Cuba.