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Sass-tiel 3: Return of the Sass (Language Warning) by enginesummer on DeviantArt

Castiel finally has enough of this shit.It's nearing finals and I felt like doing something mean. I didn't think the language use was bad enough to put the mature filter on (if you watch SPN yo.

Oh Adam

Hahahahahaha, I honestly thought they'd grab Adam while they were in there. Then, I thought maybe the door from hell to purgatory they let open would be an escape for Adam. But, I don't think we've seen the last of the pissed off half brother.

castiel and gabriel - - Yahoo Image Search Results

The awesome parallel scene with Cas and Gabriel in the Impala. <<<oh Gabe and Balthazar. And Lucifer are my favorite SPN characters, though I loved souless Sam as well xD

Cas & Dean texting... ''He said that you were so far in the closet that you reached Narnia.'' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! :)

Dean and Cas are so far in the closet they've reached Narnia

supernatural, booty

Burst with excitement!

Yup the noise I made when viewing this wasn't natural either and now my cousins are looking at me weirdly<<<<my family's doing the same thing omfg

Some fun stuff for you :)

Burst with excitement!

Oh my goodness that is hilarious! "You lost your salt privileges" bahahahaha Once I heard the sound of utensils in the kitchen at 2 am and I somehow ended up throwing salt at my dad who had just come to get water.

tfw satan wants to cuddle

tfw satan wants to cuddle

For the Supernatural fans.

For the Supernatural fans.

Walmart is the gate to hell.>>> Walmart is always the gate to hell

Moose, tiger, crow

Here, we see the moose confused. Suddenly the moose is distracted by a ray of light. And here is the moose being interrupted by an angry tiger. A very angry tiger. The crow seems pleased 《But Dean's a squirrel!

*spoiler alert* Sam gets his soul back! Yeah, did I just spoil it for you? I did warn you though. Anyway, this is maybe the funniest ep.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I'll see u tomorrow with 100 parts and 100 days since I started this book

Supernatural Laughs - PART 99 WOOOO

I'm sorry, but who would have been stupid enough to try and fight Jared and Jensen? <--- stupid drunk men apparently (no surprise really, people do stupid things when under the influence) but Jared and Jensen are awesome

Oh, Crowley's too smart for you.

Mark Sheppard getting caught under a devil trap umbrella at JIBcon Honestly, where does human ingenuity end with these people?