Yeah, his name is Park Jimin and this little bastard You see, has a very evil little thing in his mouth that is currently demolishing every Jimin/BTS fans.

Imagine Jimin telling you he is nervous to go on stage, so you try to comfort him by messing with his hair.

If you feel like you suffer from anxiety it would be a good idea to take an anxiety test.

what are you doing, my child

what are you doing, my child pls stap you killing me _\\\\_ 😂

Jimin you bastard I love you #heart

Jimin - Rapmon & JHope's reactions tho (why u such a tease Jimin lmao ToT)

Jimin is NOT FAT and UGLY! | literally a rant - Asianfanfics

Apparently, there was a fan that called Jimin ugly and fat at their fanmeet high touch event. Idk where the fanmeet was, I think it was in Sweden. But literally, this fan had the nerve to call Jimin f

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