Explore Bike Wheel, Baseball Cards, and more!

clipping a baseball card to your bike to make the cool sound when you rode :)

Bubble gum or playing cards in your bike spokes - you fastened 'em so that your bike wheels made a "motorcycle" sound as you rode, wasted a lot of good baseball cards back then!

do you like butter?... LOL!I remember doing this!!

Do you like butter? Si ton menton devient jaune, c'est que tu aimes le beurre.

Pick-up sticks...patience and dexterity required.

Vintage can pick up sticks 1960's - lido toy corp.-nos

I loved jacks...around the world, double bouncy...

Jacks Game: Multicolored metal jacks and a red rubber ball.I LOVEd playing with a golf ball!

Nothing beat these as a kid except maybe those thin popsicles that came in the plastic bags.

P-E-R-F-E-C-T Vintage Tupperware Popsicle Maker - Make Your Own Healthy Snack

Tupperware Popsicle Makers I always had apple juice Popsicles for the boys. Had to make sure you got the sticks back.

You had to have them to be cool. Remember using clothes pins to attach playing cards to the spokes?

Bike Handle Streamers---LOVED these! Streamers on the handle grips plus a baseball card on the wheel spokes, COOL!

Magnified small photos, some where even key chains. ( I still have one of these in robins egg blue )

Picture Viewfinders - i remember these! I still have all of mine from Kings Island Amusement Park - haha!

we had these on the table also! ( Tupperware Salt and Pepper Shakers)

Vintage Tupperware Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Tupperware Salt and Pepper Shakers. They were great for taking on picnics because of the lids.



I used to get this magazine! I had forgotten all about it until I saw it again!

I loved Highlights magazine--the only trouble was that I only got to read it when I went to the dentist's office!

Ceramic Christmas tree lighted with small plastic bulbs - 8 inch size | TeresasCeramics - Earth Friendly on ArtFire

Ceramic Christmas tree lighted with small plastic bulbs - 8 inch size

Does anyone remember their mom or grandma proudly displaying one of these beauties for Christmas? Was my favorite Christmas decoration! We had 3 of them that my mom did in her ceramics class!