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Please welcome Lulu Wolf to the first collection of Little Paper Planes’s large format prints, The Big Exclusives- Summer Collection.

Fireweed and Mendenhall Glacier, created with a soldering iron.

Soldered Fabric Landscape Collage by PlayingHookyInAlaska

La Garçonne / Blog

The Parisian illustrator Rosemarie Auberson, known for her dreamy landscape collages, is drawn to the minimalist works of Ellsworth Kelly.

What is it about clouds?

bartleby-company: “ DB Dot Chad Hagen (by DixonBaxi) Our approach has always been one that embraces collaboration as a fundamental part of what we do. Over the last ten years we have worked with.

Eduard Bezembinder's Collage Art Seamlessly Combines Disparate Imagery - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

Eduard Bezembinder's collage art seamlessly integrates juxtapositions of mythical, classical, and pop culture elements imagery which increases the absurdity