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Just to see the interior scale of one of these small sheds. My purpose would be a place to cook the broth outside of the house, perhaps run a dehydrator, have some shelves for lacto-fermenting, and a sink to wash garden produce.

English dining room of Sir Albert Richardson ~ architect and historian

Avenue House, home of Sir Albert Richardson, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, Image: Christopher Simon Sykes for The World of Interiors via The Times.

Victorian Kitchens: Design Anatomy

Victorian Kitchens: Design Anatomy

Yesterday we looked at a Victorian kitchen found preserved in a Welsh basement, and it made me think of Downton Abbey and the whole genre of the large domestic kitchen in England

Creative living space...

Vintage Kitchen: A welcoming French Country style kitchen with a rustic farmhouse table, large fireplace and vintage built in cabinet for a simple crockery collection.

Rustic kitchen ideas from Styling by Nicole Valentine Don. Photography by Fiona Galbraith.

eclectic kitchen with subway tiles, concrete counter, stainless steel appliances and drawer fronts made from salvaged wood