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Resultado de imagen de dinosaur cartoon movie

Loved this show, especially the baby! I'm the baby gotta love me!

❤ URBAN PUB CABARET "the old school" dopo l'estate la seconda puntata "la seconda è sempre meglio"

Rainbow Brite was always my favorite! Best cartoon ever! They remade strawberry shortcake, little ponies, and care bears! It's time to bring back Rainbow Brite!


Why do these not still exist? They are still my favorite popsicles EVER! Mickey’s Parade Ice Pops

Even the solar system has changed. Say what?

How are the kids going to learn the name and order of the planets? My Very Educated Mother Served Us Nine. The world will never know what my educated mother served us!

Ways of predicting the future… | 48 Reasons '90s Kids Had The Best Childhood

48 Reasons '90s Kids Had The Best Childhood

50 Things you will Never Forget from your Childhood: MASH: The first time you predicted your future with accuracy Totally remember this for elementary school will never forget those fun memories and hey this edition is from the year I was born how cool :)

I remember having these on my Huffy bike.

I can still hear the sound, it's funny how simple auditory sounds stick with you Spokey Dokeys Bike Spoke Beads 1980

Tuppertoys Tupperware Stencil Art Set 8 Stencil - Best ever!  Just bought my 5 year old these and she loves them!

Tuppertoys Tupperware Stencil Art Set 8 Stencil - Best ever! Just bought my 5 year old these and she loves them!

Sheer Energy L'eggs, Futuristic Pantyhose Container from the 1980s

L'eggs Sheer Energy Pantyhose Egg - The ultimate catch-all container. The silver was just so cool.


Teddy Ruxpin, Glo-Worm, Rainbow Brite, and Care Bears. My daughter Brittany got Teddy Ruxpin when he first came out. She loved her Sweet Dreams Care Bear.

"Makit & Bakit" suncatchers... these were so awesome!

Vintage Makit & Bakit Suncatcher Rainbow Sunset MIP NEW

Makit Bakit suncatcher kits with the little plastic bits that you sprinkled into the metal frame/shapes.and then you baked it in the oven voila - a beautiful suncatcher you could hang in the window!

animal cookies with sprinkles - Did these for Sammy's school lunches and Eva's 1st birthday party. They are easy and turned out just like the photo. So good! I don't know where the link went, but I just used Wilton candy melts (light pink) and Sammy sprinkled with little tiny sprinkles. Adorable.

animal cookies with sprinkles - Wilton candy melts (light pink) with little tiny sprinkles. Adorable and Yum.

Squiggle Wiggle pen... Me la regalaron cuando sali del kinder hehehehe :p

Squiggle Wiggle Writer Pen i got one of these for a birthday one year, it was badass