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magic bottle necklace -- wand, scroll, and phoenix feather

Harry Potter style magic bottle necklace -- wand, scroll, and phoenix feather

Felt Crown and Wand Set of 2 Personalized by pixieandpenelope

Felt Magic Wand with Initial, Princess Wand, Fairy Wand, Personalized, Flower Wand

This is the best tutorial for making a wand of those thus far reviewed.

This Instructable will teach you how to make a durable, solid, wooden wand inspired by the wands in the Harry Potter series written by J. Each wand will.

dream walking society. i don't know who to attribute this to because i can't find the original source

Her photographs have been likened to Tarkovsky’s films. Others say that they breathe a sense of a dreamlike beauty, an ode to time elapsed. Wherever the truth lies, the works of Nastia Kaletkina pulse with intensity and create a flood of thoughts.

Tinkerbell - Green Stone Centre Princess Scepter/ Fairy Wand by WirePrincess.   I think I'm going to try this with a (straight) stick from the garden as the core and paint it glittery before adding the wire. I also might wind ribbon around the bottom for the handle and leave a tassel. We'll see what happens...

Tinkerbell - Green Stone Centre Princess Scepter/ Fairy Wand by WirePrincess


Magic is a gift that not all can see, but for those who can. blessed are we. Lady Abigail Again something for the Magickal Book orJournal

Our stories are important, they have a great deal to do with who we are and the zigs & zags of our individual paths and gifts. We all have  amazing gifts of love and light to share. As we all know the growth process / awakening is filled with trying times and hurdles to work thru. I will be sharing the ones that made the biggest impact on my life in hopes it will touch -give insight-and possibly help some one else. I hope you will also share the learning times as well as the joyful

Go outside tonight and be thankful you are alive! See how small you are compared to the vast universe? But don't forget you are PART of the universe! you should be impressed by this.go and talk to the stars.