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handlebar grips sketches - Google Search

The Impec Concept is intended to be a peek into what time trial/triathlon bikes could look like five to seven years from now.

Cryogen - Electric Bikes by Narayan Subramaniam at Coroflot.com

Some free flowing forms + Organic surface transitions for a concept bike

Super crazy bicycle

Intro to keyboarding future tech-"i Bike" Concept design by Reindy Allendra.

EVO BIKE - Sketch

EVO by HUGE Design + 4130 Cycle Works The EVO Urban Utility bike is a hybrid bicycle that leverages a modular accessory platform for ultimate.

Kitchen knife handle, process sketches, designer unknown | clean simple sketches with a nice use of setback construction grid and circles that give a slightly technical feeling to the artistic sketches, caisdesign.com:

Some futuristic looking knife concept. Tried to make them in perspective at first, but if you ever tried knifes in perspective you know why i went with this view instead:D