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Truth Friends! Real love never ends! #GodlyDating #DatingAdvice #RelationshipGoals

Adam Cappa on Twitter

Truth Friends! Real love never ends! #GodlyDating #DatingAdvice #RelationshipGoals


Someone from Eagan posted a whisper, which reads "I'm gonna watch a movie with my boyfriend tonight. Can anyone recommend a good boyfriend?

So appropriate for me at the moment...and so grateful for those around me that do.

Don't surround yourself with people who are jealous of you or don't support your dreams. You'll always be striving to make them happy. You'll never get your dream and that's a miserable place to live.

Ahahah *awkward laughs* if it comes from teenage post then yes i'm too old for this shit

OMG this happens a the time! My best guy friend is amazing and I wish I could tell him that I have a MAJOR crush on him but I just can't.

Best Friends!!

The Little Things I Love. Making eye contact with a person who knows what you're thinking without saying a word!

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The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.

About to Breakthrough

The buzzer is about to ring. The game is almost over and he's desperate!

Speed Dating - Quote & Saying About Dating are the ones worth waiting for.

lesson learned

God closes doors for a reason. He has a plan for their life. God knows what he's doing and sometimes it's not always what we think he'll do.