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Parrot Silhouette

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CRea0011.jpg (430×399)

CRea0011.jpg (430×399)

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The Silhouette Art of James Edward Austen-Leigh – favourite nephew of Jane Austen. Nice reproduced on an invitation

I dreamt of seefar yesterday, and it stayed the same...same as the years where i soaked myself into the cold lake and the withered tree rattled against the old wooden house. #house #home

An old abandoned house sat surrounded by a dense foggy mist. It made them wonder what secrets the old house held. "If only it could talk." She said to him quietly." "Did you hear that?" He asked her, hoping it was just his imagination.

Learn how to make a stencil with this easy to follow DIY stencil tutorial. Have fun creating this project. Stencil letters or other intricate designs on to wood, fabric, whatever you like!

How To Make A Stencil Without Owning A Fancy and Expensive Machine

Безграничная доброта ))

This is how Korean woman carry their children around (korean photographer, Kim ki-chan

BODIE and FOU★ Le Blog: Inspiring Interior Design blog by two French sisters

This is what I want for my girls, sadly I never had a sister for a best friend but I will help grow the love for my girls to be best friends forever ♡