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Funny how I started doing it that way after a life-changing field trip with Zuko.



"In every painting of him I've ever seen. Ben Franklin looks like somebody just stole his parking space.

This ^

A moment of silence for all the people we drew halfway down the page to avoid drawing feet <<I never have to do the eye thing but there are days where I just can't draw hands and feet


We should totally just stab Caesar. I love mean girls references lol

The Road to El Dorado is so underrated

Thanks Tulio and Miguel from The Road to El Dorado for giving me this wonderful excuse

Doofinating words

Doofinating words Birdinator 300 uncool noun: bird Cool noun: Birdinator 3000 thank you Dr.

All of the above. My cute boy was born in the 1800s and was an earl in Britain but he is now a demon.

The fangirls took over this post. Go fangirls! But so true at the same time

Ok this is hilarious

this reminds me of a story my dad told of an ambulance driver, a corpse that hadn't been tied down, and a case of rigor mortis.