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Hikaru  Kaoru - I love how their eye color changed with their hair

Hikaru & Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club (I have been watching too much HxH i swear at first glance I thought it was the 2 Hisokas.

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"Ouran High School Host Club" - Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. "Let's play the Which One is Hikaru Game!" The one who's not Hikaru is Kaoru. which is why Kaoru deserves so much more love!

Explanation of Ouran in its entirety.

As a chick, some of my favorite anime

The whole show in one picture ~ Ouran high school Host club Actually this is correct.

My mom! Host club

My mom! Host club

Ouran High School Host Club I love how kyouya and mori are always stone faced. It is a nice counter.

this is what its like watching cartoons horrible poor quality art and plot Ouran High School Host Club guys shocked


"YOI meets OHSHC - Victor Nikifrov meets Tamaki Suoh and Yuri Katsuki meets Haruhi Fujioka." Now, I must watch 'Yuri On Ice'

WTAF <<< I agree, that's NOT how you spell Kyoya.

Tamaki's Sister (OHSHC) - Lusted By Lesbians

Read Lusted By Lesbians from the story Tamaki's Sister (OHSHC) by Dark__Fairy (Unicorn Queen) with reads.