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The Grand Canyon is never boring! An epic late season monsoon thunderstorm dumping rain and lightning into the Canyon at sunset Photo by Kate Dibildox

Photographer Rolf Maeder captures a lightning storm over the Grand Canyon.

Photographer Captures Stunning Grand Canyon Lightning Strikes

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Super-cell Lightning, Snyder, Nebraska Under a super-cell thunderstorm, a "wall cloud" or "pedestal cloud" may form. This is frequently associated with tornadoes and micro-bursts. Here, a "cloud-to-ground" lightning bolt strikes from a wall cloud.

Gorgeous Landscape Photos Of A Grand Canyon Lightning Storm by Rolf Maeder

Beautiful night of lightning at the Grand Canyon. As Rolf Maeder says, "it was such a wonderful experience to witness this beautiful thunderstorm far across the Grand Canyon!

by Christian Schweiger

The Quiraing by Christian Schweiger - Photo 128829323 /

Free People Arizona on Instagram: “Desert beauty ✨ // @arizona_hiking : @_austinely_ #exploreaz”

Free People Arizona on Instagram: “Desert beauty ✨ // @arizona_hiking : @_austinely_ #exploreaz”

Le gémeaux de Titanic

This is Banfi's second trip to the massive rock, which is home to a unique collection of underwater wildlife: 'I just love the incredible visibility and the amazing animals that surround Dirty Rock'