One of the coolest things about Star Wars is the huge widescreen combat, especially in the original trilogy. The battles of Yavin and Hoth are mentioned in the same breath as Helms Deep and Wolf 359, when people talk about huge epic struggles.

Breathtaking Art that Puts the "Wars" in Star Wars

Imperial Rebel clash

The Battle of Turkana was a conflict in 1 BBY between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

"Clone Wars: Republic Venator Fleet" by #AndreasBazylewski.  #sciencefiction #scifi #StarWars

A fleet of five Venator-Class Star Destroyers holding position during a Seperatist attack. Hours of work: edited in Photoshop CC Clone Wars: Republic Venator Fleet

Venator class Star Destroyer ortho [updated] by on @deviantART

Venator class Star Destroyer ortho [updated] by unusualsuspex on DeviantArt

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