Derringer Concept, Brent Liu on ArtStation at

Derringer Concept, Brent Liu

Geind EL-528 Shettier by on @deviantART join us

This eve we have another TKP weapon, this time a lever action carbine. The Gavil Model 3861 being the year and N designating the Nasik calender because there are several in use in SOL with t.

Asteroids: Outpost - Repair Tool, Kris Thaler on ArtStation at

Mining Tool, Kris Thaler : Asteroids: Outpost - Mining Tool done for Salty Games by rmory studios

And one more Geind revolver, electro cap ignition style, for the evening. The Geind is very much of the same period the [link] was produ.

Increases the Kampfpistole's maximum ammo count by 3. Description from I searched for this on

Kampfpistole - Game: Wolfenstein Old Blood Would have liked a revolver more.

Jeindel s350 Shettier by on @deviantART join us

And pew, pew (shooty McBang, bang) weeked continues. Here we have a Jeindel automatic shettier, model Stürmer. Jiendel is a Polemon based manufacturer known for it's combat FOILs but like ma.

sci-fi concept weapon by gurmukh bhasin | 3D | CGSociety #gun #rifle                                                                                                                                                                                 More

In the Vengeance Season, Nook III of the Covalent Series, Pellus makes Zan a weapon. Could be something like this, sci-fi concept weapon by gurmukh bhasin

This is maybe one of the best looking gun concepts in my opinion. I like the way the slide looks, but the grips looks a bit forgotten.

Concept weapon - Fudo-main sci-fi energy handgun by peterku on DeviantArt More