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Star Wars Rogue One concept art

The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story // Trooper With Kilt Version 3 by Glyn Dillon


imthenic: “ Star Wars Variant Cover by Jorge Molina Manzanero ”


Finished version of the advanced scout walker. Armed with a single medium laser cannon and blaster cannons it also comes with an anti "Ewok" grenade. AT ST mkII

Scout trooper

Imperial Soldier - Scout Trooper/forest trooper redux , Roberto Robert on ArtStation at…

Rebel Alliance, "B-Wing" series of Advanced Starfighter / Combat-Assault Dog-Fighter

B-Wing Starfighter - Hans Jenssen Illustration Portfolio: Star Wars Classic Vehicles



Art of Colin Geller: Recent Work

Realistic yet very stylish mech leg. I could learn a thing or two from this design.

Extended Universe character from the SW comics in the Jodo Kast wore mandalorian armor and was a bounty hunter that impersonated Fett until the real Fett caught up with him

ArtStation - Incom T-42 - ILM Challenge ' The Ride', Paul Massey

Part of the x-wing stable, the is designed to support ground assault and act in a helicopter gunship role. Designed in rough render with Octane, crew sculpted in ZBrush, then a lot of paint over in Photoshop.