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Whispering Winds

Adele Taylor - Oxidised silver, setting, green amethyst: Adele finds objects such as bits of broken car lights & makes silver & gold casts to create jewellery & small scale objects such as vases for a single daisy.

Mari Ishikawa - Rings 2008

Mari Ishikawa - Ring series: Moonlight Shadow, 2008 - Gold and sterling silver

Silver Statement Ring, Prehnite Ring, Metalsmith Ring, Handmade Ring, Oxidized, Patina, Sterling Silver, Gemstone http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016Y7L02O/ref=hnd_sw_r_pi_dp_TG3jwb18T3890 #handmadeatamazon

If you really like jewelry you really will appreciate this cool website! You also get a free fine handmade jewelry magazine there!

Fire Agate Specimen Ring by FoundinAlbuquerque on Etsy, $170.00

Pecos Diamond Specimen Ring by FoundinAlbuquerque on Etsy

Oh! A frame for reticulation. How on earth do you solder this? Perhaps cut a groove in the frame to slot the reticulation into? Could it be held in place by tension? Experiments must be made...

OoOoO reticulation, this was my favourite thing to do on the jewellery course I did some years back!

LW headpins & plate Originally: Hiroko Yamada 'Popcorn Ring' in sterling silver, yellow gold, flex wire, and white pearls. Size is adjustable.