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Princess & Dragon - Ylenia Manganelli : Daenerys Targaryen - Cosplay Costume - Cage/Armor Turorial and Resources (Pattern Might not use it for Daenarys in particular but might use it

Armor tutorial

More progress for my Asuna Cosplay. I ran out of white fabric so I wont be taking a pic with it on until my order comes in and I can do the white train .

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Wie geht eigentlich ...: ...eine Maßbüste? - How To - Anleitungen - burda style

For naruto cosplayers, i found this awesome tutorial on deviant art!

Tutorial: Forehead Protector by LadySwallow i never watched Naruto, and I will probably never cosplay it, but I could probably do this for a gift for people who like it.

Making plated leg armour-  Not that I need to know this, but why not?  Never know when you might need to put on some armor to fight a dragon or a demon.

How to make armor boots among other things. Hyperlink to page with cosplay tutorials - can be modified for male armor Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

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Assassin's Creed Cosplay by Arofexdracona on deviantART Assasin Creed Costume, Cosplay Assassins, Assassins Creed Female Cosplay, Halloween Idea, Assassins

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Top 10 Best Sword Art Online Kirito Cosplays You Don't Want to Miss

Asuna (Sword Art Online) Cosplay

Anime da Semana - Sword Art Online

Asuna - Sword Art Online - One of my favorite costumes and I love this cosplay. It inspires me with my own work.