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The first seven and a half years of being a mom were hurry up, stay on schedule, drop off here, head to work, pick up there and let's do it all again the next day. I missed so many important moments, so many priceless moments, all for the sake of "busy." @Stephanie Close Webb ONEAND2.COM

I dig denim Soho chinos! Love these jeans for little boys! Kool clothes for kids!


look at the face :)-I wish I was at home to hug my puppies. When all else is not right, they ALWAYS make me laugh, smile and make my heart feel better.

Things Like Skeleton Keys: More From Our Holiday by the Sea Good.

I can imagine Ramsey looking just like this. With darker hair. :D bebes.,Kids,Little Boy Style,Nuggets,

I will totally have my kid rock this suspenders style! Ha

I have a serious thing for suspenders. I love a man in suspenders; I love a kid in suspenders; I love suspenders. And look at those loafers!

When we're feeling lonely, most of the time we're actually just feeling bad about ourselves wishing someone to come & show us that we still matter. Next time keep up your smile; regardless of circumstances, you'll always be daughter of the most high King. <3

Princess with gown, tiara.and you're not a princess without those one and only rain boots

"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong."  Peter T. McIntyr  #quotes  #positivity

"IT'S OK" kids tee by: It's Ok Apparel. OMG Kendall says this all the time! Me: Kendall, can you please put that down? Kendall: It's OK mommy.