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Sting - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (1985)

From 1985 here is birthday boy who turns 62 today on Sting - 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free' - from the Dream of The Blue Turtles LP

Sting: If I Ever Lose My Faith In You ("Si alguna vez perdiese mi fe en tí") from his CD  Ten Summnoner's Tales. Video directed by Howard Greenhalgh.

Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Album: Ten Summoner's Tales Released: 1993 Awards: Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Nominations: Grammy Award for Song of the Year, more Ted Frank

THE POLICE / DE DO DO DO, DE DA DA DA (1980) -- Check out the "I ♥♥♥ the 80s!! (part 2)" YouTube Playlist --> http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4BAE4D6DE43F0951 #1980s #80s

The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da ". poets priests and politicians "

Sting - Be Still My Beating Heart (1987)

"And I wriggle like a fish caught on dry land, struggle to avoid any helping hand. Sink like a stone that's been thrown in the ocean, my logic has drown in a sea of emotion. Be still my beating heart.

M-Pop Muzik Original Video clip

M - Pop Muzik - Song of the Day ♪ ♥ ☮ ♥ ♫ ♪♪ ♥ ☮ ♥ ♫ ♪ New York, London, Paris, Munich ★ Feel free to forward to friends!

kurt cobain's guitar - Google Search

In the all-too-brief video above, Fender gives Nirvana fans a chance to get an incredibly intimate look at two of Kurt Cobain's Mustang model guitars.