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No animals died while making this post… This stunning take on taxidermy was created with paper, textiles, and more.

Donya Coward

Artist Donya Coward used found items from her neighbor's sewing box when she passed. much like a magpie would have an eye for such things.

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Красочные скульптуры птиц в стиле пэчворк

Josephine Hague, who is trained in prop design and animation model making, crafted an aviary of delightfully whimsical birds clothed in bits of Japanese an


Donya Coward is a Nottingham-based textile artist, or a 'Textile Taxidermist' as she describe herself, that creates adorable textile animal sculptures.

Magpie by Donya Coward

Magpie by Donya Coward - textiletaxidermy - antique embroidery, victorian blackwork beading