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32 Of The Most Beautiful Book Covers Of 2016

a genre-bending novel that pushes social media, smartphone technology, and twenty-four-hour availability to hilarious and chilling extremes as one young woman abruptly finds herself with way more connectivity than she ever desired.

Science fiction icon Connie Willis brilliantly mixes a speculative plot, the wit of Nora Ephron, and the comedic flair of P. Wodehouse in Crosstalk—a genre-bending novel that pushes social media,.

Nine Island by Jane Alison - The Best Books of 2016 by Southern Authors - Southernliving. Buy It: $12.99

Books That Topped Our List in 2016

After decades of disaster with men, J is trying to decide whether to withdraw forever from romantic love. Nine Island by Jane Alison

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The Steady Running of the Hour by Justin Go- "A young American discovers he may be heir to the unclaimed estate of an English World War I officer, which launches him on a quest across Europe to uncover the elusive truth.

Decided to compile some redesigned book covers I did over the past few years. I’ve been so busy lately that I forgot how much I enjoy doing these things. I hope I can take a break from everything for a while and get back on designing things just for the enjoyment of it!

risarodil: “ The Book Thief ~ Redesigned The roller coaster of emotions I had to endure in this book left me speechless. As soon as I’m done reading it, I was so devastated and amazed and I just.

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Wolf by Wolf, by Ryan Graudin (released Oct The first book in a duology about an alternate version of 1956 where the Axis powers won WWII, and hold an annual motorcycle race across their conjoined continents to commemorate their victory.


Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by [Kendi, Ibram X.


Beautiful book cover by Marian Bantjes - but even more so, an incredible Poet.


Book info: Eon author: Greg Bear Publisher: Gollancz/Orion Pub Group Publication date: April 2009 Genre: Science Fiction Design info: designer: Sanda Zahirovic

Stone Tablets by Wojciech Zukrowski

Stone Tablets by Wojciech Zukrowski -- An influential Polish classic celebrates 50 years-and its first English edition

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City: A Memoir

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City - Nick Flynn. read this