I love tall people jokes

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Molly Hooper making Sherlock apologize with just a look -- Sherlolly 4 life!

their son and HIS blogger. The Holmes approve of Johnlock. #headcanonaccepted

Sherlock's like his mom and chooses a best friend like his dad. And can we also just take a moment to appreciate Benedict's parents playing Sherlock's parents. <------ wth England stop with the spoilers!


Fan Fact: According to Mark Gatiss, there's a picture of Sherlock and Mycroft from when they were young somewhere in Sherlock's bedroom. Sherlock had red hair! My croft has an Afro!

Still one of my favorite scenes.

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I love the look on John's face.<--John's face screams "No shit, Sherlock"

The "I Faked My Own Death Club."

Sherlock, Irene Adler, Jim Moriarty, Annual Meeting of the 'I Faked My Own Death Club'

I’m not crying you’re crying.

The progression of their friendship makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. I was like awwwww when he was in disbelief that he was john's best friend.

John and Sherlock discuss Cluedo

This scene is so funny, between Sherlock not agreeing with the rules of Cluedo and then Sherlock's angry speech about Bluebell the rabbit. From BBC Sherlock, Series Episode "The Hounds of Baskerville.


Mycroft and Sherlock are so afraid of Mummy Holmes. And Mycroft opts to be noble and protect himself and his little brother, whereas Sherlock is like "abandon ship! Throw Brother Mine under the bus!

That reaction! Love it

"You're a drama queen!"<---- Sherlock's face is the best "I am not! Oh, well, maybe." Sherlock the drama queen.

...wait for it. That dude in the back is just slightly too late to do anything to stop it. Hahaha.

And suddenly, a wild Benedict appears. And the reaction of the girl in the blue dress

Just click the audio and watch the lovely icon. Sherlock and Benny Hill!

How cleaver. Gif<--- well that sums up seasons quite nicely

I love how he gets so attached to john and then he decides to "kill" himself and basically tell everyone important but john

"Death, it just brings people together." - Sums up the Sherlock fandom. Sums up all my fandoms. << it's terrifying how wide the fandom spectrum can go for "Death, it just brings people together.

"Is that why you're calling yourself Greg?" pic.twitter.com/WdQOUa8vpf

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You're so smart, but you're so dumb. SO dumb. Btw i love this scene ^^

Or the opposite since I always wear Chucks and when I wear heels they say..."you're taller! wow!"

I wear heels everyday to work but on the rare occasions when I wear flats, my coworkers look at me like WHOA you are really short.

Short Girl Problems #24

Short Girl Problems, all the time.