Volume Project for Spring Semester Spatial Dynamics by Kincső Tóth, via Behance

Spatial Dynamics II: Volume is an abstract sculpture by Kincső Tóth. Its framework, made from wire, rope and nylon stocking, resembles the human heart. Tóth uses the sculpture to explore the.

Série Fotográfica Mostra a Dualidade do Universo Adolescente

Série Fotográfica Mostra a Dualidade do Universo Adolescente

yavuzerkan: “ Untitled from the series Adolescence, Brittany Cohen ”

Dr. Sous: Human dissection (WARNING Very Graphic Content)

From the tiniest veins, arteries and nerves to serial cross-sections of the spinal cord, these incredibly detailed dissections show and label most every part of the human body Meet the Basset Collection.

Dobraduras de coração!

Randy West's abstract heart sculpture at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Peter Philips makeup

Dia do Maquiador: inspirações

Peter Phillips Leather mask for an editorial in Exhibition Magazines Leather issue. Photograph by Richard Burbridge.

Recycled wool mountains

'Old Hills' Edward Master at Las Manos Gallery