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G O N E  24/11/2015

Random Inspiration 182

Comb jelly. - Miden pictures

21 animales que puedes atravesar con tu mirada

Comb Jelly Photograph by Ingo Arndt, Minden Pictures Darkness in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea gives this comb jelly a chance to show off its candy-colored bioluminescent cells.

Amazing jellyfish shot!

Black and White Photography - jellyfish with long tails, underwater photography, jellyfish art, large photography print, wall decor

Jellyfish, Pearl & Hermes Atoll

Stunning photo of a gorgeous jellyfish in the Pearl & Hermes Atoll in the Hawaiian Islands

Salón pintura arte pinturas pinturas acrílicas XL por LDawningScott

Living Room Painting Art Paintings Acrylic Paintings XL / Extra LARGE Wall Art… -- i love how textured and wave-like the painting is.

Moda Preview | Tip decoración: Lámparas Medusa de Roxy Russel |

Jellyfish lamps by Roxy Russell Design The lights are an example of how delicate and beautiful our ocean life is.