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Polish - Racuchy - Pampuchy

Pancakes - pampuchy Sweet, thick pancakes with apples. simplest and the best pancakes. The flour, water and yeast. They can be stuffed with fried apples.

Local Milk | blueberry, basil, and goat cheese hand pies

blueberry, basil, and goat cheese hand pies

These hand pies are so cute! Pretty tasty, not too sweet since the sugar comes from honey and blueberries. blueberry goat cheese basil hand pie by Beth Kirby

✔ Nuage de Sucre

Don your apron for these light, sweet and buttery brioche tarts! (Photography by Mark Roper; Recipe by Valli Little).

lemon ricotta crepes

Lemon Crepes With Sweetened Ricotta.I love lemon. I love crepe. I love ricotta. And I can for sure make this "skinny".

Puff pastry Turnovers

Raspberry Turnovers

Raspberry Turnovers (We picked fresh raspberries and they were so sweet and tart! This definitely makes enough to fill more pastries. Either that or half the raspberry filling. Add a squeeze of lemon. Some brie would be good in there.