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Ahh, tattoos. It seems as if I go through a phase of wanting one and not wanting one every month. They’re so pretty and inspirational but would I want it on me permanently? Who knows, all we know is these 11 tattoo ideas are absolutely gorgeous!

These 11 Tattoo Designs Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Next tattoo I think except I would have a cross in the middle with a couple flowers surrounding with a blue heart in the middle of the cross

I find the gem too large, but love the design and placement

Girls I have two more free designs like that one! I'll post them in a while 🍒And I'll post video with all process, just need time 🏋🏽.

Rose Flower Forearm Sleeve Blessed Tattoo With Negative Space Design

I would put "Beloved" instead of Blessed, and not use quite as big a font. Rose Flower Forearm Sleeve Blessed Tattoo With Negative Space Design

Rose tattoos

More than half the people who are tattooed in the US carry the XX chromosome. As more and more women get tattooed, designs have turned from the bold and masculine to more elegant imagery.

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the piece under the rose could be perfect for the start of my time/eye/clock/piece.

July Birth Flower : Larkspur

July Birth Flower : Larkspur Which is the Birth Flower for July? Know about the July Birth Flower Larkspur here. Find the meaning of July Flowers here.

Tatouage Ephemere Bernard Forever #tatouage #tattoo

Diamond tattoo - diamonds are the product of intense pressure and heat. They're the hardest known natural material!

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